Are there vegan restaurants in China?

Is there vegan food in China?

Although Chinese food is vegan friendly by default (without the added flesh meat), it is likely that most vegetarians in China do consume either dairy and/or milk.

Is Beijing vegan friendly?

We find Beijing to be a fantastic city for vegetarian and vegan dining and a little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to tracking down veggie treasures.

How can I go vegan in Shanghai?

Find any restaurant and order the sides

Common vegetable dishes include beans, carrots, tofu, green vegetables (a variety), aubergine, cauliflower, and a host of mushrooms. You do need to be a bit careful to double check if the restaurant hasn’t used any fish oil or meat stock in the preparation of the vegetarian side.

Can a vegetarian survive in China?

And even though vegetarianism is a growing trend among the Chinese in the bigger cities, the majority of vegetarians are still foreigners, says Gwen. But, good news! … Because Chinese cuisine uses a lot of vegetables, vegetarian food is available everywhere in China, even though its population is not vegetarian.

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