Does Starbucks have dairy free eggnog?

Unfortunately, the white-chocolate-flavored products, including the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha and the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, cannot be ordered without dairy, as the white chocolate syrup contains milk powder. The Eggnog Latte should also be avoided, since eggnog is milk-based.

Does Starbucks have almond milk eggnog?

Starbucks Eggnog Latte with Almond Milks contain between 220-570 calories, depending on your choice of sizes.

Can you buy dairy-free eggnog?

Blue Diamond Almonds Almond Breeze Almondmilk Classic Nog

In addition to being free from dairy, this vegan eggnog drink is also free of soy, lactose, cholesterol, casein, peanuts, gluten, eggs and saturated fat. And at only 60 calories per serving with 11g of sugar, it’s way healthier than regular dairy eggnog.

Is Starbucks caramel drizzle dairy-free?

Most Starbucks drinks that contain milk can be made dairy-free, except for drinks with caramel sauce or white chocolate mocha sauce.

Are eggnog lattes at Starbucks yet?

Eggnog Latte Will Be Back From November 17th

Following the backlash Starbucks have now announced that they will be bringing back Eggnog Latte and that it will be available in their coffee shops across the US from November 17th.

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Does almond Nog taste like egg nog?

It doesn’t resemble traditional eggnog. It’s more of a thicker flavored almond milk that feels weird in your mouth. Not tasty! It contains 45 calories per 1/2 cup.

Does eggnog have dairy?

What is Eggnog? Eggnog is a rich, seasonal beverage traditionally made with eggs, milk, sugar, nutmeg, and bourbon.

Is Starbucks sweet cream dairy-free?

We don’t have a dairy-free version of our vanilla sweet cream cold foam. You can ask your barista to top your drink with cold foam made with non-dairy milk. It won’t have the same texture as regular cold foam, but is just as delicious.

How do you order non-dairy at Starbucks?

How to Order at Starbucks If You Can’t Have Dairy

  1. Skip the soy milk. PIN IT. Lara Schwieger. …
  2. Go for the coconut milk. PIN IT. Lara Schwieger. …
  3. Know when to get the almond milk. PIN IT. Lara Schwieger. …
  4. Order Frappuccinos with no whip and no milk. PIN IT. …
  5. Skip the protein smoothies. PIN IT. …
  6. Enjoy the dairy-free munchies. PIN IT.

What’s better oat or almond milk?

Almond milk has a higher content of calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, D and E than oat milk, with appreciable quantities of potassium, sodium and sugar among the two alternative milk substitutes depending on the brand and variety,” Pumper says.

Is Starbucks mocha drizzle dairy-free?

Lucky for all you chocolate lovers, the mocha syrup is vegan. The excitement is all too real with this drink, but don’t forget the phrase of the day: leave off the whipped cream and substitute out the dairy.

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Is Starbucks hot chocolate dairy-free?


Starbucks hot chocolate can be made vegan! While the standard order comes with dairy milk and whipped cream, you can swap it for plant-based options like soy, coconut, and almond – and in Europe, you can even choose oat.