Frequent question: Are Conversation Hearts dairy free?

All products are free of milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. Smarties® products are safe to eat for kids with peanut allergies. All of our candy is made in entirely peanut‑free manufacturing facilities.

Why dont they make conversation hearts anymore?

Last year, the candies were no longer made after Necco went out of businesses. Then Spangler Candy Company of Ohio purchased Necco Wafers and the Sweethearts. According to Time, the timing of the sale did not allow for Spangler to produce the candy in time for Valentine’s Day last year.

Are Dove milk chocolate hearts nut free?

We are pleased to announce that we now have a large number of our Dove Milk and Dark Chocolate products manufactured in a dedicated manufacturing facility that does not produce any products containing peanuts or treenuts.

What flavors are conversation hearts?

Brach’s conversation hearts:

Flavors: Wintergreen, banana, orange, lemon, cherry and grape. Sayings: “Dream date,” “love you,” “call me,” “smooches,” “BFF.”

Why did they change Brach’s Conversation Hearts?

The company decided to invest in a new printer, but the replacement printing equipment was damaged during production, and Spangler could not get it fixed completely. For consumers, that means more conversation hearts than usual will be silent.

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Do conversation hearts contain xylitol?

Candy – Candy contains mostly sugar which is not suitable for dogs (see below), but confection-filled treats like conversation hearts and jelly beans can sometimes contain Xylitol as well. Small amounts of Xylitol can be deadly and lead to the over-release of insulin, kidney failure, or worse.

How long do Conversation Hearts last?

“They’re the candy corn of Valentine’s Day,” she said. “And the story goes that they never expire.” The candy’s two main ingredients are sugar and corn syrup. If stored properly, the hearts can last a couple of years before they lose color or flavor.

Why do conversation hearts say goat?

In addition to classic messages like “Be Mine” and “Luv U,” the hearts would also have some more modern messages like “Bestie,” “Bae,” “YAAAS,” and “GOAT” (which means Greatest of All Time, for those who don’t know).