Is additive 631 vegan?

E631 may or may not be vegan. Also known as Disodium Inosinate, it is a flavor enhancer food additive often found in instant noodles, potato chips, and other snacks. It is usually derived from meat and fish but it can be produced “veganly” from tapioca starch.

Is Flavour enhancer 631 vegan?

If in doubt, you may need to google the product or contact the manufacturer to determine if the additive they use is suitable for vegans.

All of the following additives are potentially non-vegan.

e-number Description
631 Disodium inosinate – Flavour enhancer Almost always made from animals and fish

What is INS 631 made of?

It is used as a food additive and often found in instant noodles, potato chips, and a variety of other snacks. Although it can be obtained from bacterial fermentation of sugars, it is often commercially prepared from animal products.

Disodium inosinate.

CompTox Dashboard ( EPA ) DTXSID4044242
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What additives are vegan?

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Code Name Vegan
E110 Sunset Yellow FCF/Orange Yellow S Yes
E120 Cochineal/Carminic Acid/Carmines No
E122 Azorubine/Carmoisine Yes
E123 Amaranth Yes

Is INS 631 and E 631 same?

Disodium inosinate (IMP), a kind of nucleotide, also known as disodium 5′-inosinate, is a flavor enhancer with the European food additive number E631.


Other names IMP, Disodium 5′-inosinate, Disodium inosine-5′-monophosphate, 5′-inosinic acid, disodium salt
Molecular weight 392.17(anhydrous)
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Are carotenes vegan?

There’s no naturally occurring preformed vitamin A in vegan diets, although it’s sometimes fortified into vegan foods like plant-based milks or margarine. If a vegan doesn’t consume these fortified foods, they’ll be completely reliant on beta carotene to meet their intake needs.

Is acetic acid vegan?

Acetic Acid is vegan.

Is Colour 160b vegan?

E160A is an artificial food additive that’s derived from multiple organic sources, generally ones that are orange or yellow. In some cases it can can come from other plant-source. The good news is e160a is always vegan, as it’s produced exclusively from plants.

Is xanthan gum vegan?

Xanthan gum, to the best of our knowledge, is vegan. Produced by bacterial fermentation, it is used to thicken food products or as an emulsifier to help water- and oil-based ingredients stay together. … There was a risk of cross contamination at the manufacturer of the xanthan gum.