Is original soreen vegan?

Our original Soreen malt loaf, the perfect pairing for your afternoon tea break. Great on its own or spread with butter. And now suitable for Vegans, it’s the perfect snack for your Plant Based diet!

Does Soreen contain dairy?

If you’re a lover of malt loaf, that dark squidgy, moist fruit loaf, you’ll know that Soreen isn’t vegan. The company stubbornly refuses to change the recipe to omit the milk, but whenever they diversify, such as with these banana loaves, the ingredients are usually dairy-free: … This banana loaf is very banana-ry.

Is Soreen banana bread vegan?

Soreen, the well known Manchester malt loaf brand, has expanded its range with the launch of a vegan loaf. The new banana flavoured loaf bar is vegan approved and is part of the brand’s snack category.

Is Maltloaf vegan?

Is Soreen suitable for Vegetarians? Yes, all of our products are suitable for Vegetarians!

Is Aldi malt loaf vegan?

Tasty, Squishy and vegan!

Can you toast Soreen banana loaf?

Raise a toast to our Breakfast Loaf

The same unique malty taste of Original Soreen, but specially designed for toasting how good an idea is that? Try our Breakfast Loaf with a little butter or your favourite jam, then think about what else you might spread on it.

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How much sugar is in a Soreen bar?


Typical values Per 100g Per 42g Loaf
of which saturates 0.5 g 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 57.8 g 24.3 g
of which sugars 19.4 g 8.2 g
Fibre 5.0 g 2.1 g

What can I put on a Soreen?

How do you love your Soreen?

  1. Warm banana Soreen topped with melting chocolate.
  2. What’s not to love??!!
  3. Malt loaf, peanut butter and a whole banana.
  4. Simply made for each other.
  5. First love and best love! …
  6. Breakfast bake in bed with innocent smoothie.
  7. A lovely way to start your day.

How do you eat Soreen malt loaf?

A bowl of plain yogurt drizzled with honey alongside two slices of our Original Toastie Loaf with your favourite topping. Yum time. If you’ve never tried it, peanut butter is a delicious topping for our Malt Loaf, creating a sweet and savoury taste sensation that’s very more-ish.