What bagel place has vegan cream cheese?

Vegan cream cheese bagels are now available at Einstein Bros., Noah’s New York Bagels, and Bruegger’s Bagels locations across the United States. The new bagels feature Plain Cream Cheeze-Style Spread from leading dairy-free brand Daiya, according to Dairy Reporter.

Does Einstein bagels have dairy-free cream cheese?

America’s largest bagel chain, Einstein Bros. Bagels, has officially added vegan cream cheese to the menu at select locations. Made with a coconut base and free of soy and gluten, this new offering from dairy-free brand Daiya is completely plant-based. … It spreads easily on a bagel and for a perfect, guilt-free topping.

Does Einstein bagels have vegan bagels?

Einstein Bros Bagels has a ton of great vegan options. The majority of their bagels are vegan and there are a few different spreads available to go with your bagel. Almond milk is available for your coffee or tea.

What is a non dairy substitute for cream cheese?

Dairy free cream cheese alternatives:

  • Kite Hill: contains almonds.
  • Daiya: tastes good and comes in different flavors.
  • Violife: this is good, it’s coconut based (no other nuts), but doesn’t cook well.
  • Toffuti: soy based.
  • Go Veggie: contains soy.
  • Wayfare: contains beans.
  • Homemade yogurt cheese.

Can you order Noah’s bagels online?

If you are more comfortable ordering food online and picking it up, you can use Order Ahead options in the Noah’s NY Bagels App. You can also have food delivered through our catering website.

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Does Noah’s bagels have hummus?

Here is what we recommend: Grab a Cinnamon Raisin or Everything Bagel (full list of vegan bagels just below), toasted and topped with either hummus, peanut butter or strawberry jelly. For lunch, order the Hummus Veg Out Sandwich with NO Garden Veggie Shmear (all the shmears contain milk).

Does Einstein’s bagels have almond milk?

New Menu Item: Almond Milk Latte

Caribou Coffee houses, now inside Einstein Bros. Bagels, are offering a popular non-dairy milk option: Almond Milk.