Are Junior Mints vegan?

Junior Mints Original and Junior Mints Minis are two such unexpectedly non-vegan products. The fundamental ingredients of both these candies are similar. The sweet chocolate coating is dairy-free and the other ingredients include corn syrup, peppermint oil, invertase, and modified food starch.

Are Junior Mints vegan 2020?

Junior Mints have one ingredient in them that would cause vegans some concern. That ingredient is Confectioner’s Glaze. … As Shellac/Confectioner’s Glaze is a insect-derived ingredient, it is usually not considered to be vegan friendly. Therefore, Junior Mints (Regular and Mini size) are NOT vegan.

Do Junior Mints have eggs?

After examining the ingredients of Junior Mints, it turns out that they are NOT vegan (sort of). While there is no eggs or dairy, this candy contains confectioners glaze which is made of insect secretions.

Are Junior Mints gluten and dairy free?

Sugar, Semi-Sweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Processed With Alkali, Cooca Butter, Soya Lecithin-An Emulsifier, Vanillin-An Aritificial Flavor), Corn Syrup, Confectioner’s Glaze, Modified Food Starch, Peppermint Oil, Invertase (An Enzyme).

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What strain is JR Mint?

Junior Mints is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Thin Mint Cookies and a Face Off OG backcross. It produces medium-sized plants with thick, dense, purplish foliage.

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Are Junior Mints bad for you?

There are some classic movie snacks that are perfectly healthy to eat. “Junior Mints are a good option,” O’Brien said. A theater-size box of the minty treat, which has more than three servings, is just under 600 calories and they’re low in fat as well. … The condiment is low in fat and calories.

Can vegetarians eat mints?

Most mints are vegetarian and vegan, as they do not contain obvious animal ingredients. However, there are some non-vegan mints which contain gelatin, carmine, beeswax, shellac (confectioner’s glaze), egg, or milk ingredients.

Do Junior Mints have palm oil?

Junior Caramels contain milk chocolate, dry whole milk, and whey. Apart from this, they also contain confectioner’s glaze, natural flavors, sugar, soy lecithin, and palm oil.

Is Oreo vegan?

Oreos have been a dairy-free and vegan treat since they first launched. Despite the creamy center filling, the cookie contains no milk. With the exception of a few flavors that contain some animal ingredients like honey, most Oreos are vegan.