Is Colin the caterpillar vegan?

Vegan ‘Colin’ caterpillar cake launched as Aldi version makes dramatic return. A vegan version of a chocolate caterpillar cake has been launched.

Is Colin the Caterpillar sweets vegan?

Marks and Spencer Veggie Colin & Connie the Caterpillar Fruit Flavour Jelly & Foam Vegetarian Sweets 170g Bag. Suitable for vegetarians. Made without gelatine.

Why is Colin the Caterpillar not vegetarian?

After being asked by a interested customer, a spokesperson for the company said: “This cake contains E120 Carmine, this is the red colouring used, so its unfortunately not suitable for vegetarians.”

Is caterpillar cake vegan?

Archie is an indulging vegan chocolate caterpillar cake, filled and covered in a chocolate flavoured frosting, decorated with sugar paste and edible sugar strands. While Archie is in good company alongside the other caterpillars on the shelf, he’s the only vegan offering available to date.

Does Tesco do a caterpillar cake?

Tesco Calli The Caterpillar Cake.

Are all Colin the Caterpillar sweets veggie?

Unfortunately, none of the high street chain’s Percy Pig range is vegan, but similar line Colin the Caterpillar has two cruelty free options: veggie Fizzy Rainbows and Fruit Sours. Most supermarkets also stock own-brand accidentally vegan treats.

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