What is the synonym of non vegetarian?

What is another name for non-vegetarian?

non-veg > synonyms

»phytosanitary adj. »vegetable adj. »vegetables do not exp. »veggie adj.

What means of non-vegetarian?

Non-vegetarian (non-veg) is an Indian English word that is used to refer to meaty food and also to a person who is a meatarian not a vegetarian i.e. someone who consumes meat, especially as a major source of protein. … A related word is eggetarian, that refers to a vegetarian who consume egg-based products but not meat.

What is another word for vegetarian?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vegetarian, like: herbivorous, fruitarian, vegan, , veggie, plant-eating, , , gluten-free, vegetarian-vegan and null.

Who are vegetarian and who are non-vegetarian?

According to the Vegetarian Society, vegetarians are people who do not eat the products or byproducts of animal slaughter. Vegetarians do not consume: meat, such as beef, pork, and game. poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck.

What is the opposite of a vegetarian?

Carnivore is the noun used for any animal that eats meat, while omnivore is used for an animal or a person that eats plants and meat.

What is a scientific word for a vegetarian?

as in vegan, herbivore. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for vegetarian. herbivore, insectivore, vegan.

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